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Dear Stephan, Just a little love note. Thank you for your vast reading and reporting upon what I want to know. You do the valiant work of a true patriot. I too care for this country, this planet, this humanity, this life, and all beings. A note of gratitude for your sensitive and insightful selections. Yours from Portland, David Bean You cover what I wish to find out about. He doubly dangled his participle.


I cannot thank you enough for your publication. I read it daily and usually find something interesting. Yes, it is depressing many times, but there is a lot of good that goes un (or under) reported. Thanks to your reports, information about the good stuff is helping to be spread, irregardless [sic] of the failures of corporate media.


Stephan: I greatly value your time & diligence in pulling together the daily Schwartz Report. Please know that your efforts are appreciated & valued and are of more import than ever before. I support your invaluable efforts to inform the public. THANK YOU!!!

Lottie Chojnowski

I have been quite happy with Schwartz Report, both the website and the newsletter, ever since I found them a year or so ago. There I can often find in depth information on stories I have heard mentioned in passing elsewhere. I consider the reports Mr. Schwartz gives to be both accurate and timely. This is an altogether worthwhile site. I rely on this site for science, health, environmental, political news and analysis and visit it every morning along with BBC News. It also has a large collection of very useful website links for researching daily concerns like area and zip code look up, world time zones, world newspaper headlines, travel, real estate, demographics, satellite photos

  1. Chancellor
    Austin, TX

Ours is a trivialized news world where what passes as news is often censored and naively supportive of government and corporate handouts, and where any single news source is partial and limited. So, it’s good to have an intelligent observer casting a wide net about what’s important to pay attention to. Stephan Schwartz gives us that, with occasional judicious commentary.

Paul H. Ray
San Francisco Bay Area, CA USA

I just feel enlightened to a great extent when I’ve read Schwartzreport. I also find myself researching quite a few other subjects(such as locations of countries and etc.) and I especially enjoy medial related subjects. Keep up the good work.

John L. Browning
Wilmington, North Carolina, USA

The Schwartzreport is an excellent site for anyone interested in news pertaining to the ecology and political developments. Stephan Schwartz gleans important articles from many world-wide sources that most of us wouldn’t have time to track down. He also occasionally adds astute comments to focus the reader’s attention on various issues. Kudos to him and his site.

Rosemarie Pilkington
Staten Island, NY, USA

Good place to get up to date information on what is happening in the world is to be on Stephan Schwartz’s mailing list. This man scans all the most important news magazines and newspapers nationally nd internationally on a daily basis and selects a few each day that are the most topical and interesting. The service is highly recommended if you want to stay current.


This site is an excellent daliy capsule of the larger issues that face the inhabitants of this plantet. The articles offer an alternative to the glossy consumer media news without being rants or simply mirrored prejudice. The infrequent editorial comments are notable for their restrained wisdom and sincere concern for the ultimate well being of all sides.

Philip High
Lexington, KY, USA

The Schwartzreport is excellent. I highly recommend it to those who want a balanced view of what is taking place in our world. I don’t have time, or inclination to weed through numerous online papes and links to discern what is “truth.” Stephan (and other members of the list) do it for me.

Winter Robinson
Bar Mills, Maine, USA

Stephan Schwartz is an internationally known researcher in the field of extraordinary human functioning. For this reason alone, if an article is published in The SchwartzReport, if it makes his personal “cut” of what must be tens of dozens of newsworthy pieces he reads each day – I consider it worth my time to read as well. The SchwartzReport educates. It is a powerful daily composite of what is happening in our world, drawn from articles, news reports, editorials from around our world. “A daily publication in favour of the earth, the inter-connectedness and interdependence of all life,…” Well said, and well done.

Amy Mcbride
Austin, Texas, USA

This is a selection of articles that are highly relevant– subjects such as health, ecology, global warming, politics, and archeology–keep me informed and interested. This is a great web-service that keeps me briefed on a very wide range of topics that otherwise I don’t have time to track down and read.

Dean Radin
California, USA

Stephan Schwartz presents news headlines from around the world, all of which seek to illuminate the truth. He offers a valuable service to our entire planet. At the very least, I recommend subscribing to his daily Schwartzreport. Thank you Stephan for your efforts.

Elliott Teters
Kansas City, KS USA

If reality is a factor of how each of us perceives the world around us, then reading this daily collection of reports will enhance your perspective. The featured stories are linked to the original source and are on the edge of the enfolding tapestry of understanding what it means to be human. Read it everyday.

Laura Jennings
Maryland, USA

I start every day with the Schwartzerport!

Timothy D. Adams
Puyallup, WA, USA

Schwartzreport provides fascinating, accurate reports about most of the issues that touch our interest, our consciences, and our souls. From health to foreign policy, and most areas in between, the choice of materials is designed to round out the reader’s body of information. We are all the better for it.


Wonderful emphasis on Science, Environment, World Affairs, Humanitarian Concerns . . . can’t start my day without it.

Charles N Barker
Silver Spring, MD, USA

Editor, Stephan A. Schwartz, truly is concerned about the survival of civilization and the quality of life of all the world’s travelers. Expect to be pulled into the Big Picture but in surprising ways, The editor has a keen eye for the micro event and its future impact upon the macro outcome. Posted by a diplomat who must remain anonymous

Anonymous Diplomat

The couch potato and the resigned-to-endure what life is dealing will find the Schwartzreport too stimulating and upsetting for comfort. It matches the Utne Reader in merit of selection of articles, essays and editorals. Its content deals with the important stuff of life, and therefore hits every hot button.

  1. B. Scott Jones
    Kerrville, TX, USA

I have been reading Schwartzreport for a couple of years with great satisfaction. The compilation of stories from a wide array of top sources helps me stay up on happenings in areas not so well covered in usual print media. I appreciate the gift of reliable info.

Joseph Casey
Eugene, OR, USA

Tops…five stars solid.. “Keep it short and relevant” is the key to this excellent report. The mix is the surprise. Most articles are FINDS. There are always items of interest in areas I do not folw, but should. Posted by F. Allen Harris (McLean, VA United States) a diplomat representing the United States

  1. Allen Harris
    McLean, VA United States

After regularly reading his Schwartzreport for about a year, I begin to imagine that I know something about Stephan A. Schwartz. This is a bit presumptuous as he rarely editorializes himself but selects eclectically from many sources. Mr. Schwartz’s Report is wonderful. His selection of articles shows a keen curiosity toward all science but especially environmental and health sciences. He also follows political science selecting articles that I think reflect both his idealism and pragmatism. I like to keep current and therefore subscribe to a number of periodicals and journals. I have discovered that I save time by reading the Schwartzreport first. His interests so coincide with mine that I may cut back on my other subscriptions!

Barrington Hills, IL, USA

I read the Schwartz Report religiously every day. Stephan is very objective in presenting his views via the selection of articles.


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It is impossible for me to read a newspaper or magazine without getting distracted and inundated by the fluff, the space stuffed with insignificant matters, and the sheer volume of words. Schwartzreport provides the focus I need to follow ongoing issues like the environment as well as unusual articles on cutting edge science and those crucial missing ingredients in this culture: the global and historical perspectives needed to make sense of the world. Though the articles are available and accessible elsewhere, Schwartzreport usually puts me at least a day ahead of the newspaper.

Carol Harrington

Stephen Schwartz is doing an outstanding service to all who seek honest opinion and commentary. I read it everyday.


I read it every day in the time I used to spend reading newspapers. Newspapers no longer satisfy my craving to know about important subjects. Often I pass your articles on and talk about them frequently. I cannot believe what an impact they have had on my life.

Arlene Montemarano

The SchwartzReport is exceptional. He does the work for all of us of looking at what’s out there and presenting the most important articles every day. Thank you, Stephan.


Excellent daily e-zine that provides its readers with in-depth and intelliegent articles about the issues that really matter. Essential reading if you really want to understand the issues that confront us today.


I read the Schwartz Report every day and I think it’s perhaps the best blog on the net.


Stephan began before blogging clogged with copycats. It’s rare to have an authority on the subject (Earth) gather other considered opinions instead of pushing his own. The absolute best content and presentation, nevermind relevance. Each time I read it (at least once a day) I can hear Mother Earth cheering him on! Thanks, Stephen, for an unusually thankless job.


Stephan, If I want “positive news,” I know where to get it. If I want to listen to the humdrum news, I listen to the news channels. When I want the real info, like you and so many others give, I read your SchwartzReport every day! Keep doing what you do. You are so appreciated!!!


Dear Stephan, You are my hero because you continue to search for and publish the facts. Each day you are strengthening and empowering us because you underscore our connectedness with each other and everything in our world. You have not lost sight of the fact that each and every day our people live in misery and are the victims of predatory capitalism. And, you work tirelessly to light the path to the others who are also searching for truth and trying to ease the terrible wrongs our culture continues to inflict upon us all. I truly appreciate your dedication, journalistic skills and life understanding. Thank you.

Ron B.

Stephan, Your’s is the first news stop for me in the morning. Your articles and sources provide journalistic nourishment that is sound. After reading the article about the Vermont diocese cases I just had to speak about the subject. Our country’s institutions are full of so much sex abuse that it makes what is going on with the Catholic Church pale. In particular is the abuse of children in our educational system. There are currently hundreds of women in prison etc. for their crimes committed while teachers. Mary Kay LaTourneau was pilloried and there are hundreds that have followed. The media aren’t touching it. And how about the Boy and Girl Scouts? The other religious denominations have many cases too. Sadly the Southern Baptists have no policy on how to deal with these things. There is a website set up by Southern Baptist members that are rooting this out. If you would like the websites that deal with all these articles I can send them to you. Otherwise I ! urge you to research this. It is a secret American outrage and we have to deal with this and truly search our souls.

Paul T.

I have become an enthusiastic reader of SR after my close college friend Phil Morse brought it to my attention. Your choice of topics and perspectives – including the paranormal – mesh closely with my own interests. For a number of reasons including my physics background, I have closely followed your commentary on LENR. Although you may have run across this item yourself, I took particular interest in the recent comments of Brian Josesphson about Rossi and E-Cat – see: Quite aside from his commentary on E-Cat, Josephson, of course, has a special place in science, a physics Nobel Laureate who publicly accepts the reality of the paranormal. Thank so much for the great work you do and the public service you perform.

John B.

I have thought long on what I can do to impact the deteriorating state of our peoples government and being. I often send notices of specific stories in SR to my friends. I have decided I could be more efficient. I have decided I want to expand the readership of SR, as I believe it to be a very valuable source of selected news that will impact the public. I remember seeing a recent statement of the defined purpose of your report and think that is a great introductory comment useful in recommending it to my friends. Can you provide me with a copy of that statement to be used in promoting your report to friends on my email list?

Ferrell H.

Thank you Stephan, for all you do to curate the articles and provide context. Very valuable!

Deb A.

Hi Stephan, I want to let you know how much I value your report, it is the first thing I read every day and use it for discussion topics throughout the day with friends and business colleagues. However, I do not use Facebook, and most of the people I associate with do not use it either. Thank You for SR

Don Y.

Dear Stephan, Thank you so much for your excellent service. I find the articles very informative. Although I don’t post them on Facebook, I do sometimes forward many of them to my list of around 50 people in the greater Los Angeles area. Keep up the good work.


Thank you for providing a re-look, a reaffirmation of your vision statement of SR. Thank you for stating your political position, your beliefs, your passion for the greatness of this country. I admire the strength and subscribe to the strength of those of us who give reason as to why we believe. In your case you have years of documented trends to prove, literally prove, your position. I dearly love SR. It is important. It is, quite simply, important.


Thanks. I got it and printed a copy off for my doctor to read, I have type 2 diabetes for no known reason…this might be an explanation. A daughter in law has MS in her family and I’m sending her your report. You are an amazing person. We look forward to reading your reports every day and always find something new in them. Thanks so much for what you do.


Hello Stephan, It has been several years since I have written you. You may remember me as the fellow that sent you Soap-nuts for your laundry a long time ago. Many changes have moved me in different directions since, but one thing has remained constant — the Schwartz Report almost every single morning. Thank you. Your reportage and valued commentary keeps me abreast of our rocky times and the comments of your diverse fans widens my eyes constantly to the wide spectrum of truths that [people hold so closely. Thank you again. I know that your reportage has been instrumental in the opening of my eyes and has been an inspiring motivator in the work that my partner and I do. I no longer distribute soap nuts, I sold it off several years ago. Almost three years ago my partner and I decided to devote ourselves to making others aware of what we see as some of the problems current in our world and the spiritual/moral/ethical grounds that cause the problems and can act as solutions to them. To deliver the message she wrote a series of one-woman shows (this series was most concerned with racism and self/other consciousness) that we toured nationally. 57 standing ovations in 60 performances to folks of all economic, age, religion and race classes. Amazing, but more amazing is that book sales at the events were very popular and we feel have the ability to sit longer with the people and create an even greater impact. Because of the reception of her written words she started writing a novel. She has written nine plays and several books of poetry but this is the first novel. And since she was getting a daily summary of Schwartz Report from me the book became a social/environmental protest novel with a tremendous heart. I would like to send you and Roslyn a copy with our compliments and with your permission. Thank you again for all you do. Blessings


Sir, you are one of my heroes. I’m reading an article right now about 10 whistle-blowers who were charged by the Feds. Some went to prison for telling things that all citizens should know. That is the reason I love your newsletter. I forward more of your articles to my friends and family than anything else. You perform a wonderful service to our country to The People, I am endlessly impressed. BTW, I’m 62. I just look older than you.

  1. Roberts

Dear Mr. Schwartz, Just writing to express my full support for your commitment to vote. Even though I fight daily with the tendency to become cynical and depressed about our current state of affairs, I keep trying and encouraging others, and am always looking for ways to support the causes I feel are important for our world. One trend that I feel personally that I have not seen mentioned in your reports (except in a personal comment you made the other day) is the creeping fear of getting noticed by these security agencies and the possible repercussions from that. The other thing is the increasing question of who do you trust? In an Orwellian world, which is what we are becoming, that becomes increasingly difficult. I so appreciate your daily reports and read them whenever I can. Thank you!

Marc V.

Stephan, Your work provides such an incredible service for me–sifting through the media and picking out a handful of relevant articles every day AND adding your comment (which really I couldn’t d without). The stories you choose are eye-opening, disturbing and encouraging, and they help me filling some of the gaps in the facts and news I don’t have time to peruse, and that I would have missed. Thank you!


The reason I support the Schwartz Report is that I completely trust the integrity of the editor. He consistently brings broadly researched relevant stories from across the world. I don’t buy newspapes, I don’t buy magazines, I even stopped funding NPR, but this man gives me what I really need to know. None of us should take his hard work for granted. The dedication and thoroughness of his site is amazing. The discernment to “put in this story,” and “leave out that one” is unparalleled in my view. From across the vastness of the internet ocean, the Schwartz Report brings back daily gold. If you’re a free-loader on this site, be ashamed and pony up a donation. Stephan Schwartz gives us his best. Now is the time to return the favor. I challenge every reader to do two things: Send a testimonial which he may post along side this one, on why you value the Schwartz Report to “contact the Editor”, and press the Donate button. Let Stephan know with both praise and “foldable” how much you really value this work. Sincerely, Linda Schiller-Hanna (Subscriber for more than 10 years. )

Linda Schiller-Hanna
Ohio, USA

I am enthused and thankful that I have run across this information that Mr Schwartz is letting us in on! He is doing the leg work and has put many many hours of free information out there, for us to ingest and mull over! I do not have an opinion over the subject matter, currently, but I find it fascinating!! I have seen, and experienced, unexplained happenings, and believe wholeheartedly that there are people out there, with gifts that are very helpful for individuals and to our society! Thank you again, Mr Schwartz

Jane Jenkins

Appreciation of your work, which is very helpful on many fronts, including clarifying and honing intentions, as well as marking areas for learning more.

with my best wishes,