“Aryan Nations (AN) was once a powerful organizing force for white supremacists that cultivated a wide spectrum of racist and anti-Semitic ideas,” according to the SPLC. Credit: SPLC

Lonely, sexless straight men have become a larger force in the White nationalist movement.

That’s according to Ellee Reeve, author of the book “Black Pill: How I Witnessed the Darkest Corners of the Internet Come to Life, Poison Society, and Capture American Politics.”

Reeve talked with CNN’s Jake Tapper on Monday to discuss her findings, saying straight men who struggle to find a romantic partner can be drawn to alt-right communities.

“That’s a big entryway into this,” she said. “A big entry point is, ‘Why won’t women be with me?’”

The so-called “new white nationalist movement” is highly influenced by “incel” culture, she said, referring to men who are involuntarily celibate.

“It means that feminism has doomed them to be virgins forever because in the natural order of things, less attractive women would marry them,” said Reeve. […]

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