The Amarillo City Council is considering a new ban on using local roads to seek an abortion, despite the procedure already being outlawed across Texas Credit: Moisés ÁVILA / AFP

 Abortion is illegal statewide in Texas, but residents in the city of Amarillo want to go a step further — banning even the use of the city’s roads by people seeking the procedure elsewhere.

Dismissed as grandstanding and extremist by critics, such laws are legally dubious and almost impossible to enforce — yet that hasn’t stopped their proliferation across conservative locales in the United States.

The highways passing through Amarillo connect Republican-led Texas with New Mexico, Colorado and Kansas, where abortion is still legal.

“We’re experiencing all these horrors, like abortion trafficking,” Mark Lee Dickson, the founder of the group Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn, told AFP.

The term “sanctuary city” typically refers to liberal towns that offer certain protections for undocumented immigrants — but is increasingly being used by conservatives seeking to restrict abortion rights at the local level.

Some cities have voted to outlaw abortion within city limits, even if […]

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