Credit:Frank Okay / Unsplash

The GOP and rightwing hate media have turned racism into both a political weapon and a machine to generate billions in annual profits. Today’s “school choice” movement, racial and anti-immigrant hatred, and the MAGA movement all have the same roots.

America’s media and the GOP try to pretend that the primary animating force of Trump’s MAGA movement isn’t race, but it absolutely is. And it’s been both politically and financially profitable for those willing to join him.

When, in 1954, the then-moderate-dominated Supreme Court reversed their 1898 Plessy v Ferguson “separate but equal” ruling and said that public schools must integrate, the response from the right was swift and certain. By the end of that decade public schools across the South had closed, leaving private school or no school as the only option. It continued into the 60s.

Prince Edward County, Virginia, for example, shut down all their public schools from 1959 to 1963. In Clarendon County, South Carolina, that school district closed the all-Black Summerton High School in 1966 […]

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