A new map projects future inundation of 32 coastal cities in the US Credit: Leonard Ohenhen et al / Metro

Two dozen US cities are at risk of going underwater as sea level rises and land sinks.

A new map by Virginia Tech researchers reveals the cities in danger zones along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts and the Gulf of Mexico.

The study published in Nature examined the flooding potential for 32 cities across the coasts using sea level rise projections, tide charts and sinking land measurements obtained via satellite.

It projects that up to 500,000 Americans could be affected and one in 35 private properties could experience flood damage over the next 30 years.

‘One of the challenges we have with communicating the issue of sea-level rise and land subsidence broadly is it often seems like a long-term problem, like something whose impacts will only manifest at the end of the century, which many people may not care about,’ stated the study’s lead author, graduate student Leonard Ohenhen.

‘What we’ve done […]

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