One of the coalition members of the far-right Heritage Foundation’s “Project 2025” presidential transition plan is proposing to overhaul the US Constitution to keep former President Donald Trump in power beyond the eight-year limit.

The American Conservative — one of the 100 advisory groups to Project 2025 — recently published a call to repeal the 22nd Amendment as a means of allowing Trump to seek a “second consecutive term” in the White House if he wins in November. That amendment has been in place since 1951, and stipulates that presidents can’t spend more than eight years in office, whether in two back-to-back terms or staggered between other administrations.

“If, by 2028, voters feel Trump has done a poor job, they can pick another candidate; but if they feel he has delivered on his promises, why should they be denied the freedom to choose him once more?” writer Peter Tonguette proposed. “As with Prohibition, it is simply a matter of finding the will to get rid of a bad idea that needlessly limits Americans’ freedom.”

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“Trump in 2028!” he added.

President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign drew […]

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