TCP Representative Matt Gaetz of Florida was subpoenaed for having sex with an underage girl.

U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) reportedly has been subpoenaed in a civil case against a young woman, involving allegations he had sex with her while she was an underaged 17-year old girl, according to ABC News. The case was brought by a friend of Gaetz.

“Gaetz was issued the subpoena, which has not been previously reported, by attorneys representing the woman who is now in her 20s and was at the center of a years-long investigation by the Justice Department into allegations that the Florida congressman had sex with her when she was a minor, sources said,” ABC adds.

The case “is part of a sprawling defamation and racketeering lawsuit brought by Gaetz’s longtime friend, former Florida House member and lobbyist Chris Dorworth, against the woman and others.”

ABC also reports that “Dorworth alleged in the lawsuit a complicated effort to falsely accuse him of ‘child sex trafficking, sex with a minor, prostitution, obstruction of justice, and an illegal ghost candidate scheme,’ according to the suit.”

Citing court documents, ABC News adds that “Dorworth filed a […]

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