Credit: The Good Men Project

In a baffling display of cognitive dissonance, two “Christian” Texas billionaires, Farris and Dan Wilks, have emerged as the patrons of climate change denialism. Their substantial wealth, built on an industry that contributes substantially to the destruction of the planet, now fuels a movement that contradicts both the scientific consensus and the teachings of their professed faith.

When he’s not pillaging the earth of its natural resources, one of the brothers, Farris Wilks is the pastor of a modest church known as the Assembly of Yahweh in Cisco, Texas… and a freaking rich Pastor, at that.

They have made their fortune from fossil fuel extraction using oil and gas fracking.

Unearthing the Roots of Denial

Fracking, the cornerstone of the Wilks brothers’ fortunes, is a controversial technique used by mining companies for extracting natural gas and oil from deep beneath the Earth’s surface. It involves injecting high-pressure fluids into rock formations, often causing environmental damage through water pollution, habitat disruption, and the release of greenhouse gases.

The industry that has propelled the Wilks brothers into the echelons of the super-wealthy is one of the major contributors to climate change. It’s no secret that […]

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