A top Republican state lawmaker is touting what he suggests are the off-label benefits of aspirin: as a contraceptive, if used as he directs.

“Bayer Company invented aspirin. Put it between your knees,” Arizona state Senate Majority Leader Sonny Borrelli, a far-right Republican who has promoted false election fraud claims, told the Arizona Mirror, as Heartland Signal reports.

The Mirror reports Borrelli “suggested women wouldn’t need contraceptives if they weren’t so promiscuous.”

Arizona Democratic Governor Katie Hobbs has been trying to get lawmakers to pass “The Right to Contraception Act,” but it appears the legislation is likely dead, after Republicans refused to even allow it to be heard in committee.

“This basic, commonsense proposal hasn’t made it past step one,” Hobbs said, speaking about the bill. “It begs the question: Why won’t they codify this basic freedom into law? What do they have against allowing us to have control over our own bodies and access to basic health care?”

The Mirror reports the legislation “sought to protect the ability of Arizonans to obtain all forms of birth control, including Plan B, and guarantee the right of health care providers to prescribe contraceptives or give information about them […]

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