MAGAt criminal Trump speaking to his worshippers. Credit: Gage Skidmore.

Donald Trump said something about public schools that got no media coverage, yet it’s causing political analysts, ex-prosecutors, and other onlookers to sound the alarm.

Trump began hinting last year that, if he were made the president once again, he would withhold all federal funds from schools that require vaccines or masks.

On Saturday, he doubled down on that promise.

As reported by former Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-VA), “Trump said in Richmond, that he will take all federal funds away from public schools that require vaccines.”

“Like most states, Virginia requires MMR vaccine, chickenpox vaccine, polio, etc.,” she then added. “So Trump would take millions in federal funds away from all Virginia public schools.”

Former federal prosecutor Shan Wu responded to Comstock Sunday, saying, “It’s almost like Trump and his advisors want Americans to be sickened from disease…”

The comment futher caught the attention of Elizabeth de la Vega, also a former federal prosecutor. She said, “Trump said yesterday that he would take away federal funding from school systems […]

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