States where Republicans are proposing anti-LGBTQ legislation. health care or other policies to hurt GBTQ men and women. Credit: American Civil Liberties Union

The ACLU of Florida on Friday led condemnation of a bill passed by the Republican-controlled lower chamber of the state Legislature that “seeks to deny the legal existence of transgender individuals by requiring individuals to identify as their sex assigned at birth instead of their gender on their driver’s licenses and ID cards.”

Dubbed the Trans Erasure Bill by opponents, H.B. 1639 passed by a vote of 75-33. The ACLU notes that the legislation “also requires health plans to cover the widely discredited practice of conversion therapy and creates additional obstacles for health plans to cover gender-affirming care.”

“H.B. 1639 is harmful, vague, and does nothing to improve the lives of Floridians,” ACLU of Florida policy strategist NR Hines said in a statement. “It is eerily silent on the consequences for transgender individuals who identify their gender on their driver’s license or other government-issued identification instead of their sex assigned at […]

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