American Fascist Oligarch Elon Musk. Credit: Vanity Fair

Elon Musk has called on the US to cut its weapons supply to Ukraine claiming “there is no way in hell” Vladimir Putin is going to lose the war.

The Tesla and SpaceX boss made the remarks during a conversation with Republican senator Ron Johnson on social media platform Twitter/X overnight during discussions with senators JD Vance, Mike Lee, and failed presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy over the Ukraine funding bill.

Their scrutiny of the US support to Ukraine comes as the Democratic-led Senate on Monday set the stage for the final passage of a $95.34bn aid package for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, amid growing doubts about the fate of the legislation in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives.

The Senate voted 66-33, exceeding a 60-vote margin, to sweep aside the last procedural hurdle and limit debate on the measure to a final 30 hours before a vote on passage that could come on Wednesday.

President Joe Biden has been urging Congress to hurry new aid to Ukraine with Kyiv officials warning of weapons shortages at a […]

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