Political poll after poll reveals that most the of American public does not want a rematch of the 2020 presidential election.  This has been known for at least two years, probably longer. Yet, despite public sentiment, both the Republican and Democratic Party frontrunners are exactly that: Biden vs Trump. In so doing, the respective parties unnecessarily have placed themselves, and the nation, at great risk.  To the public, both are seen as too old to return to office. The reasons for that threat vary significantly but are just as real.

There is no doubt that the spineless Republican Party has abrogated all sense of responsibility or loyalty to the country and entirely pledged allegiance to their cult leader, Donald Trump.  A proven narcissistic egomaniac, Trump lives for and worships one thing-himself. What is supremely disconcerting is his ability to gain fealty from both the majority of the GOP politicians, and tens of millions of troglodytes, many of whom […]

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