A woman holding a sign that says not your baby, not your choice
Credit: Gayatri Malhotra on Unsplash

All but seven state legislatures are now in session, and abortion-related bills continue to be introduced, especially in states where the procedure is already banned. It can be hard to monitor them all, so States Newsroom’s Reproductive Rights Today team will track certain bills that could become law in their respective states in a biweekly legislative roundup. Depending on the partisan makeup of a state’s legislature and other state government officials, some bills have a higher chance of passing and becoming law than others.

Abortion is legal in Iowa after a court blocked a six-week abortion ban from going into effect in July 2023. A bill allowing material produced by an anti-abortion group to be used in Iowa’s public school curriculum has not advanced since late January, but another abortion-related bill has cropped up since then.

House Study Bill 621Iowa Capital Dispatch reports this bill would make the termination of a pregnancy without consent from the pregnant person a […]

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