WASHINGTON, D.C. — A new ABC News/Ipsos poll conducted after the release of the Hur Report finds that a majority of Americans (59%) believe that both Joe Biden and Donald Trump are too old for another term as president. This finding, coming after allegations in Special Counsel Hur’s report of President Joe Biden’s memory lapses, suggests that age will continue to be a factor in the 2024 election. An additional quarter of Americans (27%) say that only Biden is too old to serve another term (but not Trump). Only one in ten Americans (11%) say that neither is too old to serve another term. Partisanship plays a large part in assessments of the candidates’ age with the majority of Republicans (62%) saying only Biden while the majority of both Democrats (69%) and Independents (70%) say both are too old.

On the substance of the Hur Report, Americans are divided about whether Biden should have been charged with a crime for his handling of classified documents after he left office as vice president. On this question, similar shares say […]

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