Atlas is by far the most advanced humanoid robot ever built, capable of explosive athleticism and remarkable agility
Credit: Boston Dynamics

It’s a shock video because Atlas is unboxing and racking shocks – sorry about that. But it’s also a shock because Atlas has always been a humanoid robotics research platform, not a commercial product – and this new video has us wondering.

The work of building cars is perfect for robotic automation – large volumes, heavy parts, high potential for human injury, high precision and reliability requirements – and indeed, there are already a ton of job-specific robots involved in the manufacturing and assembly lines.

But there are also still a lot of jobs that look much more random and disorganized – and that’s where humanoid robots seek to step in. Obviously, that’ll be one of the early applications for Tesla’s Optimus robot, and we’ve seen recently that Figure is pursuing a similar path with BMW.

We didn’t expect to see Atlas rolling up its sleeves on this kind of work, and yet here we are:

We’ve seen Atlas flirting with developing […]

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