Over 350,000 people had starved to death in Somalia. Then, “In 1992, President George Bush desired to strengthen the UN peacekeeping capability. President Bush and his administration looked to the UN as a tool to assist the U.S., ‘shape a world consistent with American values and interests.’” Notably, the lame duck, President Bush the Elder, for the first time in history, deployed the U.S. military in support of “American Values.”  Notably, Operation Restore Hope was done in coordination with then-President-elect Bill Clinton.

Imagine, just 30 years ago America, on a bipartisan basis, and upholding “American values,” was willing to commit American forces on a massive humanitarian effort to save starving people in Africa. Of course, a President Trump would later identify Somalia (and all of Africa) as a “shithole country.” How America has changed!

During and following World War II, the United States became a leading influence in the world. The first to develop nuclear weapons, we became the most powerful nation on Earth from a military perspective. That capability emerged as a stabilizing force and counterbalance to the Soviet Union and expansion of Communism. The Apollo Lunar exploration program established American technological dominance. Concurrently, our middle class burgeoned forth and based […]

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