Criminal Trump rants at rally. Credit: MSNBC

The mainstream media is flabbergasted at Trump’s success in sweeping the Iowa caucuses, dominating the polls, and destroying all his rivals but Nikki Haley before today’s New Hampshire primary.

CNN is gobsmacked, calling Trump’s “landslide victory in Iowa” a “stunning show of strength.”

The New York Times is wowed by an “expected Trump coronation,”and how Trump has “methodically drained the political life out of his rivals.

Time magazine marvels at his “commanding position” to secure the Republican nomination and how “nothing has slowed him down.”

The Washington Post’s Dan Balz writes that “the end of any real competition could come very soon.”

Headline after headline offers the same breathless, spellbound story: “Trump is dominating.” “Disciplined, ruthless.” “Hugely effective.” “Remarkable.” “Powerful.”

Earth to the MSM: This is dangerous nonsense.

Why should Trump’s dominance be surprising? He’s dominated the Republican Party since 2016. He dominates by ridiculing opponents, blasting anyone who stands in his way, bullying, browbeating, and bellowing. The media eats it up. He’s outrageous […]

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