A new roadway in Central Florida will charge EVs as they drive. Credit: Getty

Electric vehicle owners have been notified of new road plans that promise to act as a charging station as cars drive on them.

In Florida, between Lake and Orange Counties, EV enthusiasts are excited about what has been dubbed a “tremendous evolution.”

The Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX) confirmed the approval of an expressway development between the counties that would link Highway 27 and State Road 429 on Thursday, per NBC affiliate WESH.

CFX’s governing board unanimously approved the first phase of the toll road’s construction, which will be called State Road 516.

The authority’s Manager of Community Engagement, Brian Hutchings, told the outlet that the conception came out of data that showed only a few roads connected the counties, which are among the fastest growing areas in the state.

“They’re two of the fastest-growing regions in the entire state of Florida,” Hutchings emphasized of Lake and Orange County.

The first phase of the roadway is expected to cost about $218 million.

Its total completion price sits at […]

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