Evangelical worshippers Credit: Larry Marano / Shutterstock

Evangelical Christians are some of former President Donald Trump’s most devoted admirers, despite the fact that he is currently facing 91 felony charges, that he was the first president to be impeached on two separate occasions, and that he has a lengthy and well documented history of immoral sexual behavior.

Bloomberg columnist Francis Wilkerson, however, writes that there is some resistance among a minority of evangelicals who are watching with alarm as many of their fellow followers of Christ transform into MAGA shock troops.

Chief among them is Russell Moore, editor-in-chief of Christianity Today, who has launched a new project called “After Party” aimed at creating something of a wall of separation between religious and political identity.

Moore has been particularly disturbed by what he sees as an embrace of Christian nationalism, which he believes is a perversion of Christ’s word.

“Christian nationalism uses Christianity as a means to an end,” Moore explained recently. “That end being some form of authoritarianism.”

Curtis Chang, a consulting professor […]

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