Wowza. For years, we’ve argued that one of the top reasons to buy a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y is because of their low total cost of ownership. And the more miles per year, the better the savings. Many of us have stories and spreadsheets highlighting our low operational costs (I’ve got an update coming this weekend), but the key buyers who can really analyze these numbers in a statistically significant way are fleet buyers, like rental car companies. The bad news: rental car companies have gone from big Tesla fans to avoiding and dumping Teslas. Yikes!

I already reported about a month ago on Hertz scaling back its plans with Teslas. The reasons: maintenance costs (especially tires), repair costs, and depreciation have been higher than expected. Now we have reporting that the rental car giant Sixt is facing the same problems and scaling back its Tesla offerings as well. Really, I have to say it again: yikes! This is a pillar of the pro-EV argument, and even if this is mostly a Tesla […]

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