Protesters turn their backs to the Houston school board during a meeting on Thursday, August 10, 2023 in Houston, Texas.
Credit: Elizabeth Conley / Houston Chronicle / Getty

Seven of 12 proposed science textbooks for Texas 8th graders were rejected Friday by the Republican-controlled state Board of Education because they propose solutions to the climate emergency or were published by a company with an environmental, social, and governance policy.

The Texas Tribune reported that the 15-member board, which for the first time was required to include climate education for 8th graders, approved five of 12 proposed science textbooks, but called on their publishers to remove content deemed false or presenting a negative portrayal of oil and gas in the nation’s biggest fossil fuel producer.

“America’s future generations don’t need a leftist agenda brainwashing them in the classroom to hate oil and natural gas,” said Republican state energy regulator Wayne Christian, who had urged the board to choose books that promote planet-heating fossil fuels.

Some board members also objected to […]

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