Trump cannot be reelected if you want America to be a place where elections decide outcomes, where voting rights matter, and where politicians don’t baselessly prosecute their adversaries.’ Credit: Brandon Bell/Getty

With democracy in the balance, the press must relay the crucial importance of this election and the dangers of a Trump win.

Whatever doubts you may have about public-opinion polls, one recent example should not be dismissed.

Yes, that poll – the one from Siena College and the New York Times that sent chills down many a spine. It showed Donald Trump winning the presidential election by significant margins over Joe Biden in several swing states, the places most likely to decide the presidential election next year.

The poll, of course, is only one snapshot and it has been criticized, but it still tells a cautionary tale – especially when paired with the certainty that Trump, if elected, will quickly move toward making the United States an authoritarian regime.

Add in Biden’s low approval ratings, despite his accomplishments, and you come to an unavoidable conclusion: […]

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