The chemical in US drinking water is thought to be a carcinogen and liver toxin 
Credit: BrianAJackson / Getty / iStockphoto

The Biden administration is proposing a ban on TCE, a highly toxic chemical commonly used in stain removers, adhesives and degreasers, and which had been found to be contaminating drinking water on a wide scale across the US.

The move comes after years of mounting scientific evidence showing TCE is “extremely toxic” at low levels of exposure, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) wrote in a statement.

“The science is loud and clear on TCE. It is a dangerous toxic chemical and proposing to ban it will protect families, workers and communities,” said the EPA deputy administrator, Janet McCabe.

TCE, or trichloroethylene, is a volatile organic compound that humans are frequently exposed to in a variety of settings, though those who use products with the chemical in an occupational setting are most at risk. It’s also commonly used in carpet cleaning treatments, hoof polishes, brake cleaners, pepper spray and lubricants.

Among other health issues, the chemical is […]

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