Credit: Sam Dan Truong / Unsplash

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA — The “season of giving” is fast approaching. Unfortunately, a majority of Americans say they’ve already given all they’ve got and are getting sick and tired of tipping during every transaction! In a new poll, three in four respondents think the practice of tipping for service is simply getting out of control. Moreover, three in five people say they’re actually willing to pay more for their goods just so they never have to tip again!

In the poll of more than 1,000 people, conducted by PlayUSA, researchers found that 56 percent feel pressure to tip when the option pops up on a screen during cashless checkout. That’s a small increase over the 54 percent who said the same in PlayUSA’s 2022 survey.

Many Americans admit they’re giving in to these digital tipping requests, with 47 percent confessing that they tip for services they normally wouldn’t because the screen told them to. Another 63 percent say they feel “overwhelmed” by all the 

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