Fracking installation Credit: Adobe

As public health experts compile thousands of papers with “damning evidence” linking fracking with health harms, fossil fuel groups are working to undermine the research by arguing that not all of it is peer-reviewed.

“The ninth edition of a ‘compendium’ of scientific, medical, government, and media reports on the industry’s health effects, contains references to almost 2,500 papers that add to evidence that fracking has an array of negative impacts on human health,” writes Inside Climate News.

Newer studies corroborate older research and reveal the same conclusions wherever fracking is practiced in the United States, said lead author Dr. Sandra Steingraber, a member of Physicians for Social Responsibility and Concerned Health Professionals of New York, which jointly published the document. “The fact that there is lots of new data that supports the older data means that the case against fracking is ever more damning.”

Hydraulic fracturing, better known as fracking, has been linked to an array of health harms for residents near extraction sites, including […]

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