Christofascist Republican candidate for governor of North Carolina Mark Robinson. Credit: Anthony Crider / Flickr

Lieutenant governor of North Carolina and a leading Republican candidate for governor, Mark Robinson, quoted Hitler and downplayed the Holocaust in an unearthed Facebook post, according to a new report.

Robinson has a long history of regurgitating antisemitic conspiracy theories and downplaying of the Holocaust, according to Jewish Insider. But at a press conference two weeks ago, he denied that he is antisemitic.

Robinson said his past social media posts had been dealt with and he had “moved past” them.

But he has been hit with new accusations that, in a Facebook post, he quoted Hitler and suggested the horror of the Holocaust wasn’t as bad as the abuses of communism. He also compared the removal of Confederate statues to anti-Jewish pogroms in 1930s Europe, the Jewish Insider reported.

“We often speak of the ‘appeasement’ of Hitler. But the biggest ‘appeasement’ of ALL TIME is how we turned a blind eye to the clear and present danger […]

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