The states’ emergency application asks justices to overrule an appeals court decision and halt enforcement of a federal rule that requires 23 states to reduce emissions in power generation and other industries to help reduce smog and other air pollution in neighboring states. Credit: Bill Clark / CQ Roll Call

A group of GOP-led states and industry groups on Wednesday asked the Supreme Court to prevent the EPA from enforcing a Biden administration emissions and clean air rule.

Ohio, Indiana and West Virginia filed a lawsuit to challenge the so-called Good Neighbor Rule, and last month a federal appeals court in Washington declined to stop the program as that case moves through the legal process.

The states filed an emergency application that asks the justices to overrule that appeals court decision and halt enforcement, as did two industry groups in separate applications also filed Wednesday.

Among other reasons, the states contend that leaving the rule in place harms them because of “the time, money, and other resources spent on complying with an unlawful federal […]

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