Nearly nine in 10 people worldwide (87%) say they mostly enjoyed the food they recently ate, according to a new report investigating the relationship between people’s feelings about food and their wellbeing. However, slightly fewer people (82%) describe the food they recently ate as “mostly healthy,” and a significantly smaller share (63%) say they felt they had a lot of choices in the types of food they ate in the past seven days.

These results come from the inaugural Ando Foundation/Nissin Food Products Satisfaction With Food Enjoyment and Variety Survey, which was fielded as part of the 2022 Gallup World Poll. The survey asked people to evaluate three key aspects of the food they ate in the seven days before the interview: whether they “mostly enjoyed” their food, thought it was mostly healthy and felt like they had lots of choices in the types of food they had to eat.

A new report, Recipes for Wellbeing, reviews the major findings from these three survey questions and investigates how people’s feelings about the food they eat are related to their own sense […]

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