Republican MAGAt Senator Tommy Tuberville speaks on the 1st day of CPAC Washington, DC conference at Gaylord National Harbor Resort Convention on March 2, 2023. Credit:

The U.S. reported that a carrier strike group is being sent closer to Israel in solidarity with the country. They’ll be supplying munitions beginning Sunday, said President Joe Biden’s Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

At the same time, however, the U.S. is missing a naval operations commander, which is part of Sen. Tommy Tuberville’s (R-AL) protest.

Retired U.S. Navy Commander Phil Ehr posted on the social media site previously known as Twitter that the problem comes at a time when Israel is under attack and Republican infighting led to the Speaker of the U.S. House being removed.

There are 300 military promotions being held up by Tuberville, but there are also empty positions that can’t be filled due to Tuberville. Among them is the chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

“If the Biden administration wants their nominees confirmed then Senate Democrats can do what Coach just did […]

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