Benazir, 30, stands with her daughter, Oumara, 3, next to stagnant water that still remains more than six months after the devastating floods of 2022 in Sindh, Pakistan. Credit: Juan Haro / UNICEF

Children in countries such as South Sudan and Somalia were displaced by flooding, while young people in wealthy countries including the U.S. were forced to flee wildfires and other extreme events.

The U.N.’s children’s welfare agency released a new report Friday making the case for prioritizing the protection of children from fossil fuel-driven climate disasters—with more than 43 million children across the globe internally displaced in a six-year period due to drought, flooding, wildfires, and other extreme events.

In the report Children Displaced in a Changing Climate, United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) details how 95% of child displacements in 44 countries from 2016-21 were due to flooding and storms, with 40.9 million children forced from their homes in countries including Guatemala, South Sudan, and Somalia.

“It is terrifying for any child when […]

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