Career role models can play a key role in encouraging young people to pursue and achieve successful careers. However, new research suggests that household income may play a role in young people’s access to career role models, underscoring the impact of financial inequality and the need for more equitable career education opportunities.

One in five working young adults say there was no one in their life who taught them how to be successful in their career during middle and high school. Almost twice as many adults who grew up in financially struggling families (38%) say this, indicating large gaps among children based on income level. Families in low-income communities experience added educational and work-related challenges, which likely factor into the inequalities seen in this study.

As part of the Amazon-Gallup Role Models Matter study, employed U.S. adults aged 18 to 40 shared their experiences regarding career role models in middle and high school. They also provided information about the career education they remembered during that time.

Among young adults who had someone who taught them to be successful, 27% […]

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