A shopper browses some libertarian soup. Credit: Getty

The premise of the Veebs shopping app is simple yet intriguing. For a subscription fee of 99 cents per month, consumers can shop entirely in accordance with their personal and political values. Users input their ideological preferences — liberal, conservative, “America First,” “pro-LGBTQIA+” — and Veebs then scans product barcodes to suggest how closely they accord with these values. It even offers alternative products that might better match a user’s views, integrating this highly personalised recommendation system with standard consumer tracking mechanisms.

Veebs isn’t just a consumer service, though. By openly aggregating data about users’ value-based purchasing habits, the app enters a market dominated by data giants like Google and Meta. These corporations have built their fortunes on collecting vast troves of personal information, using it to shape marketing and advertising strategies. Veebs seems to be hoping for a slice of that huge market, albeit through more overt, value-based methods.

The concept of ideological consumerism is becoming more relevant than ever — the Pew Research Center 

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