Electric tuk-tuk in India. Credit: Corbis / Getty

The same rainstorm that earlier drowned a third of all the agricultural land and cost lives in Greece has brought incredible destruction to Libya, where at least 2,000 are thought to be dead. It’s just one in a string of deadly storms that have wracked the globe during a year that has also seen record heat, frighteningly hot oceans, and record-low ice in Antarctica.

All of this is a result of the human-made climate crisis. A U.N. report issued this week shows that in spite of significant progress, nations are falling short of the goals necessary to prevent catastrophic change that could trigger an unprecedented refugee crisis, threaten the world’s food supply, and destabilize governments around the globe. Storm clouds are right on the horizon, and the world is not moving fast enough.

The demand for EVs is accelerating in almost every area of the world. The best-selling car in the United States is an EV (though it actually comes in fifth place among passenger vehicles overall, behind four nonelectric pickups). EVs […]

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