Children reading books Credit: Anastasia Shuraeva

NEW YORK, NEW YORK — Does your kid read a lot? A new study suggests they’re likely happier, more physically active, have a more active imagination, and even problem-solve better than kids who rarely or never read.

The poll of 1,500 American parents and 500 K–6 teachers revealed that 91 percent of children between five and 12 years-old who are avid readers are also happier than those who don’t (36%). Likewise, 92 percent who read frequently are more physically active than those who don’t (40%).

Kids who read “often” and “very often” generally have a more active imagination than those who rarely or never read (95%, compared to 57%).

Children who read more also take a more proactive approach to resolving negative situations and problems. While 49 percent who rarely read don’t attempt to resolve difficult situations, 52 percent who read often try to resolve the situation themselves, and 69 percent who read very often turn to their parents for help.

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