Climate activists rally, to urge politicians to stand against climate denial and hate, January 9, 2017 in New York. The protesters gathered as part of a nationwide day of action against US President-elect Donald Trump’s climate denial cabinet.
Credit: Don Emmert/AFP / Getty

A “heat wave scam” is what one social media user called the record-high temperatures reported by European scientists late last month. In a separate post, another account referred to new policies aimed at reducing the carbon emissions of buildings as “climate communism.” As of Friday, the two social media posts have been viewed at least 2 million times—more eyeballs than some of the biggest primetime cable news shows will average in a week.

The internet is awash with misinformation about the climate crisis, even as its effects on the planet couldn’t be more clear. The summer of 2023 is officially the hottest on record, the World Meteorological Organization reported this week. That historic heat has fueled deadly extreme weather across large swaths of the world and pushed global sea temperatures to record […]

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