Jayme McElvany speaks at the Milan school board meeting, Jan. 12, 2023 Credit: Screenshot

A home-schooled lawyer has spent the majority of his professional career fighting public schools to no avail. They’re harmful, he claimed, but his pleas have for years fallen on deaf ears.

But it seems that now that he has rebranded it as “parents’ rights,” the movement has taken off.

The Washington Post wrote a profile on conservative Christian Michael Farris that revealed a secret phone call showing the way that he is obtaining support from Christian millionaires. Farris made a name for himself by getting the story “Rumpelstiltskin” banned from classrooms.

Speaking on a confidential conference call, he told the group, according to one member, he sought to “take down the education system as we know it today” on the grounds that schools were indoctrinating children to be “secular.”

To him, that’s a “godless religion,” even though being secular means to not profess belief in any specific religion.

He has been using his law degree to launch lawsuits claiming schools are teaching children to […]

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