President Biden walking on the grounds of the White House Credit: Anna Moneymaker / Getty

There should be no private prisons, period, none, period. That’s what they’re talking about — private detention centers. They should not exist. And we are working to close all of them.” That’s what President Joe Biden said during an April 2021 speech in Georgia, where he found himself confronted by immigrant rights activists.

Two years later, it’s clear that those were just empty words: The Biden administration is now throwing its support behind a CoreCivic lawsuit in New Jersey claiming that a 2021 state law prohibiting Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) contracts with private prisons is unconstitutional. ICE and the Biden administration are conspiring with CoreCivic, one of the nation’s largest private jailers, to extend the contract of a converted warehouse immigrant detention jail with nearly 30 years of documented abuse.

Today, as a court decides the case, people from across New Jersey are gathering outside the courthouse in Trenton to stand up against CoreCivic, ICE and the Biden administration.

Cruelty at Elizabeth Detention Center

The […]

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