Arkansas governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders, right, and Arkansas secretary of education Jacob Oliva discuss several aspects of the Learns Act on 14 April. Credit: Nena Zimmer / AP

Advocacy groups are outraged after the Arkansas department of education warned state high schools not to offer an advanced placement course on African American history.

The admonition from Arkansas education officials is the latest example of conservative lawmakers limiting education on racial history, sexual orientation and other topics they label as “indoctrination”.

The Arkansas Education Association (AEA), a professional organization of educators in the state, said the latest decision is of “grave concern” to its members and other citizens worried about “the abandonment of teaching African American history and culture”.

“Having this course pulled out from under our students at this late juncture is just another marginalizing move that has already played out in other states,” said a statement from AEA president April Reisma, which was shared with the Guardian.

In a statement to the Guardian, NAACP president and chief executive officer Derrick Johnson called the decision “abhorrent” and an “attempt to strip high school students of […]

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