Credit: Songphol Thesakit / Getty

Although many people know about wind’s offshore potential, the energy-producing power of offshore solar could be just as impactful. A new study from scientists at the Australian National University created a global atlas of where such solar installations could be immensely beneficial—areas with calm weather and waters. By the study’s estimates, the area around Indonesia alone could produce 35,000 terawatt-hours (TWh) of solar energy a year, which more than the globe’s current annual energy production.

The world needs solar power, and it needs it as fast as possible.

Although society is already undergoing the greatest energy transfer in human history, more needs to be done to stave off the worst outcomes of climate change. Two of the biggest tools in our decarbonization toolbox are wind and solar power—but while offshore wind energy gets a lot of attention (and rightfully so), there is such a thing as offshore solar as well. And it could be a game changer for countries near the […]

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