Notice that the best states are entirely Blue states and the worst states are overwhelmingly Red states. Credit: Governing.

Thirteen years ago, after tracking what I saw as an emerging trend in American culture, I wrote in these pages, “Do you sense the schism occurring in the United States? Not just the red and blue of politics, although that comes into it. Something deeper, a shift that is producing two very different reactions. Can you feel the ground moving? The zeitgeist of one population is grounded in fear, resentment, anger and a sense of loss. It is theologically conservative, politically rigid, and exclusionist. The other population holds a sober realization that great change is coming, but also the sense that it offers at least the putative opportunity to create a more stable life-affirming culture. It is theologically and politically accommodating, and inclusionist.

“We all have a vested interest in this schism and the struggle it has produced, not only because through our choices we are its source, but because we will live with the consequences of the decisions made over the next few years. What is particularly concerning is […]

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