Michigan Republican Party chair Kristina Karamo Credit: Andrew Roth | Michigan Advance

Michigan Republican Party chair Kristina Karamo called on supporters of former President Donald Trump to put “the fear of God” into state Attorney General Dana Nessel.

Karamo made the remarks on Thursday after 16 Republicans pleaded not guilty to a scheme to replace lawful Democratic electors with a fake slate claiming Trump had won the 2020 election in Michigan.

The GOP chair told podcast host Charlie Kirk that MAGA voters needed to get involved.

“We need everyone to get involved with the Michigan Republican Party in this state and share this information with your friends,” she said. “One of the reasons why the individuals like Dana Nessel is able to get away with what she’s doing [is] because average people are allowing it to occur.”

“If more people knew what was going on and [were] deeply involved within our government,” she continued, “then we could actually fight back and put the fear of God in the people like Dana Nessel, that if she does it, she’s […]

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