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Here at mindbodygreen, we’re always interested in discovering new ways to bolster brain health. Brain teasers? Sign us up. Brain-supporting foods? Yes, please! So when neuroscientist and author of Biohack Your Brain Kristen Willeumier, Ph.D., shared a few daily hacks to keep your brain sharp on the mindbodygreen podcast, we were all ears.

One of her go-to methods? Writing with her nondominant hand. Read on for the benefits of this simple brain exercise.

Why a neuroscientist wants you to write with your nondominant hand.

“Every single day I learn a new word,” says Willeumier. (She uses the Merriam-Webster app.) “And then what I do is I practice writing it with my nondominant hand.” It’s a fun exercise to train your mind and take you out of your comfort zone—which Willeumier notes is stellar for remaining sharp.

Plus, “when you start writing with your nondominant hand, you will start drinking with your nondominant hand, you’ll start brushing your teeth with your nondominant hand,” […]

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