Justice Clarence Thomas, circa 2000, with his great-nephew and his Prevost Le Mirage XL Marathon motor coach.

Faced with questions about the financial details tied to helping Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas purchase a $276K recreational vehicle decades ago, the healthcare executive who gave him a helping hand shut off communications after the New York Times pressed him for details.

With Thomas already under scrutiny for accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars in trips and gifts from wealthy conservative admirers, the Times reported on Saturday that Thomas’ boasts about “skrimping” to purchase the used 40-foot-long Prevost Le Mirage XL Marathon fell apart after a title search.

According to a report from the Times’ Jo Becker and Julie Tate, Thomas has long talked about using his RV — seen in a 2007 “Sixty Minutes” interview — to travel the country when the court is out of session.

However, a description of how he acquired it, given to one of his biographers omitted a few pertinent details.

As the Times reported, “His Prevost Marathon cost $267,230, according to title history records obtained by The New York Times. And Justice Thomas, who in the ensuing […]

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