A Tennessee school district has some people upset after it implemented a policy that gives students an “alternate meal” if they’re behind on their lunch accounts, WSMV reported.

In a post to Facebook, Humphreys County Schools said the new policy will not allow students “to charge more than 2 lunches. After 2, then the students will be given an alternate meal of a peanut butter/cheese sandwich and a milk until balances are paid. Thank you for you help and cooperation in this matter.”

The post got a furious response.

“Inmates have it better than our children do,” said one, while another commenter said, “Great idea to publicly shame children for what their parents do. unbelievable.”

According to Director of Schools Richard Rye, students received their lunches for free during the COVID-19 pandemic, but now paid lunches are being reinstated.

Humphreys County schools had $29,000 in outstanding balances from unpaid lunches during the past school year.

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