Speaker of the House Representative Kevin McCarthy Credit: Creative Commons

Far-right House Republicans aching for a battle with President Joe Biden are pushing for a federal government shutdown if they do not get their way on massive spending cuts and the addition of extremist policies added to major “must-pass” spending bills. Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy is supporting them.

“Prompted by a rebellion from House conservatives who want to spend less than a recent budget deal and engage with culture war issues, Speaker Kevin McCarthy,” NBC News reports, “is setting up a showdown with Democrats over must-pass funding bills ahead of a Sept. 30 deadline, raising fears of a government shutdown.”

U.S. Rep. Bob Good, a far-right Republican of Virginia, Tuesday morning on the steps of Capitol Hill pushed for a government shutdown, falsely claiming Americans wouldn’t even notice, and suggesting shutting down the U.S. Government would be good for the country.

He insisted, ”we should not fear a government shutdown.”

“Most of what we do up […]

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