A map of a Republican proposal to redraw Alabama’s congressional districts that the state Senate is expected to approve Wednesday is displayed at the Alabama legislature. The state House approved a different map proposal Wednesday. Credit:Kim Chandler / AP

Alabama Republicans tasked by the U.S. Supreme Court with redrawing the state’s congressional map are so far rejecting the court’s order to create a second majority-Black district in the state.  

While Alabama’s population is 27 percent Black, just one of the state’s seven districts is majority-Black. 

In a 5-4 decision in June, the Supreme Court affirmed a three-judge panel’s ruling that Alabama’s current map likely violates the Voting Rights Act by taking away from the voice of Black voters. 

The group of voters who sued and won before the Supreme Court proposed a second district where Black residents are 50.5 percent of the population, according to The Associated Press.

Facing down a Friday deadline, Republican state lawmakers proposed a congressional map Monday that would increase the percentage of Black voters in the 2nd Congressional District from around 30 […]

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