Our recent survey reveals two out of three Americans don’t know the true meaning of Independence Day Our online poll tested the patriotic knowledge of 1,000 U.S. respondents, 99% of whom identified as either a born or naturalized citizen of the United States.

When asked what July 4 is meant to officially commemorate, only 59% gave the correct answer: “The signing of the Declaration of Independence.”

Although 41% got the question wrong, 22% came close, choosing “The establishment of the United States as an independent nation.”

Similarly, only 45% correctly answered the year the very first organized celebration of independence took place: 1777, a year after the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776.

Where the rest of the survey was concerned, however, many respondents did well in their understanding of U.S. history and Civics, answering a series of questions that are often used in the U.S. Citizenship Test…

  • A whopping 82% correctly answered that the “Commander in Chief” of the military is the President
  • A similar percentage (82%) identified the “Star Spangled Banner” as the title of the National Anthem.

But some basic civics lessons still […]

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