Everything about our healthcare system is irrational and cruelhttps://t.co/J2IeB0Gb2X

— The Debt Collective (@StrikeDebt) August 22, 2021

With hospitals across the U.S. refusing to comply with a new federal rule requiring them to disclose the prices they negotiate with health insurers, a sampling of previously secret data published late Sunday reveals how much basic medical procedures cost at dozens of major hospitals in a project that critics of the for-profit healthcare system said reveals the severity of its dysfunction.  The database of hospital rates compiled by the New York Times and researchers at University of Maryland-Baltimore details how patients are charged drastically different prices for the same medical care depending on what insurance company they use—with some procedures costing less if a patient has no insurance at all.

“Keep these prices in mind the next time you see a report…that tries to figure out whether a particular single payer plan’s reimbursement rate would be unworkable.” 
—Matt Bruenig, People’s Policy Project As the Times reported, at University of Mississippi Medical Center a patient with a Cigna plan can expect to pay $1,463 for a colonoscopy, while someone with Aetna insurance would be charged more than $2,100. An uninsured patient would be billed for $782. Patients receiving an M.R.I. at […]

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