Puerto Rico January 2018
Credit: AP/Carlos Giusti

Four months after Hurricane Maria left Puerto Rico devastated, federal assistance is coming to a close and will “officially shut off” on Wednesday. Parts of the island, however, are still left in desperation and have said federal aid distribution should continue.

Since the storm struck late last September, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has distributed over 30 million gallons of potable water and nearly 60 million meals to the island’s residents, NPR reported:

To date, FEMA has approved more than $500 million in Maria-related public assistance, though it’s unclear how much of that is slated for local government and nonprofit groups versus direct aid for individuals. The agency has also disbursed an additional $3.2 million in unemployment aid to people whose jobs were affected by the storm.

“The reality is that we just need to look around. Supermarkets are open, and things are going back to normal,” Alejandro De La Campa, FEMA’s director in Puerto Rico told […]

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